A Guide To: Creating Claire’s Holiday Spread

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The holidays are here, and it’s snuck up (as always) so fast! If you’re like the rest of us with busy lives and little time to plan that far ahead, you’re probably stressing a bit about what in the world you’re going to lay on your seasonal table.

Like we’ve been telling y’all, it’s time to stop frettin’ and let us help! Each year Puckett’s offers extensive to-go menus full of holiday favorites, with that special Puckett’s touch.

But it’s a mighty big list though, so we’ve asked Director of Operations Claire Crowell (also blogger at Raised by the Fork) to help us out on narrowing down the options. We were able to catch her for a brief moment—she’s a busy woman, y’all!—and ask her what her favorite items from our holiday to-go menus were.

After giving it some thought… and considering the fact that she’s feeding a baby girl for the first time this year… Claie listed these items that would spread on her dream holiday table:

  • Smoked turkey (yes, Puckett’s does all the work for you!)
  • An additional meat option: Glazed ham on a biscuit or roll
    Are you a fan of mixing it up? There’s nothing like a little oyster dressing or peel ‘n’ eat shrimp to wow your guests! See Puckett’s Boat House‘s quirky holiday to-go menu here.
  • Cornbread dressing AND cranberry relish (she likes all the fixin’s when it comes to the holidays)
  • Sweet potato casserole (hint: she makes hers slightly savory by adding a sweet crunchy pecan topping)
  • Creamy mac & cheese
  • Green beans casserole (Claire personally prefers the green beans amandine — crunchy healthy green beans to balance everything else, but it’s Thanksgiving… so she’s game to gobble up casserole!)
    Fawn over Chef Carlos’ genius at Puckett’s Boat House? Us too! Claire would choose pineapple casserole and cabbage with country ham!
  • Pumpkin pie and more pumpkin pie.
    Oh, and PBH’s carrot cake too — with a cup of black coffee, please!


Puckett's Thanksgiving - Sides, Holiday & Chicken-13

Not on Puckett’s holiday to-go menu—but still one of Claire’s favorite categories—is red wine. She said it’d be a sin to eat all this amazing food without it! And since this is her dream table, she indulged and said she’d be sipping on Belle Glos Clark & Telephone Pinot Noir. Though she’s not a big pinot drinker (she likes bolder wines), she could drink this one allllll day long.

So there you have it: Claire’s dream feast! Feel free to take her list to heart, or mix it up a bit with your own tastes and preferences.

View the holiday menus + order from:

  • Puckett’s in downtown Nashville HERE.
  • Puckett’s in downtown Franklin HERE.
  • Puckett’s Boat House in downtown Franklin HERE.
  • Puckett’s in downtown Columbia HERE.

Coming up: be on the look out for our suggestions on designing holiday tablescapes for your perfect seasonal feast!


PBH-Carrot-Cake [web size]

Puckett's Thanksgiving - Green Beans Side

Puckett's Thanksgiving - Sweet Potatoe Casserole