Burger of the Month Ingredients: The Titan

In Greek mythology, the titans were greater than even the gods. They ruled their universe with absolute power. Well, the burger… that’s our universe.

Ok y’all — tell us you caught that adaption from Remember the Titans! In all seriousness, our culinary pros in the Puckett’s kitchen have created a pretty dadgum good burger, adequately named THE TITAN.  The Titan was a “Burger of the Month” a few months ago, and its loaded-with-everything characteristics caused us to attribute it to the great and powerful Greek gods (and our favorite football team, too!).

Here’s Puckett’s chef Keith West’s take on it:

“The Puckett’s burger is the number one selling item on our menu–because of that, we wanted a monthly outlet to feature burger ideas we come up with. For the first BOM, we wanted something that would appeal to all burger lovers (like myself!). A burger so big that napkins would be the side item. So I stacked two of my favorite burgers on top of one another. As people tried the burger, the remarks were: ‘now that is a Titan-sized burger!”

Because it was so delicious, we though it’d be selfish not to share with our friends! So here you go, our first “Burger of the Month” recipe post. The Puckett’s family promises your mouth will be watering before you even finish reading this recipe.

The Titan Burger Ingredients:

  • Start with a Brioche top bun
  • Layer with:
  • 1 tbl. mayo
  • Leaf lettuce
  • 2 tomato slices
  • Add one burger (we can’t give up our Puckett’s burger recipe y’all!)
  • Top with:
  • Pepper-jack cheese
  • Whip up some sautéed onions
  • Stack another Burger on there!
  • Top with 3 pickle slices
  • Melt a slice of cheddar cheese
  • Finish it off with 2 strips of bacon
  • and a Brioche top bun

Burger of the Month
Each month, Puckett’s chef Keith West creates a “Burger of the Month” to serve to our friends. It’s always quirky, it’s always carefully crafted and it always makes us lick our chops. We’re going to start sharing some of those exclusive recipes with you!