Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

We believe that our people are our greatest asset. From greeting our guests when they walk in one of our restaurant’s doors, to carefully preparing and serving that long-awaited meal, to staying late after we close to ensure everything is in order for the next day, and a million other tasks in between, we’re so thankful for the hard-working people we’re lucky to count as part of our team. As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we want to highlight just a few of our folks whose culture, talents and diligence are integral parts of our company. We appreciate you all every day! 

Enrique Matute, Executive Chef at Puckett's Chattanooga

Enrique Matute is our Executive Chef in Chattanooga and has been a cornerstone of our success. General Manager David McLain says Enrique exhibits exceptional work ethic and dutiful leadership, holding himself and the team to the highest of standards. He excels in all aspects of the job from developing others, producing consistently high-quality product, and eagerness and capability to learn all aspects of our business. He is married with two children and is a great brand ambassador for Puckett’s in the community and takes the company’s mission to heart. 

Yakelin Reynoso, Puckett's Chattanooga

Yakelin Reynoso is our Sous Chef in Chattanooga. She joined our team in 2015 when we first opened and immediately became a standout. David says she executes the menu accurately and consistently, all the while keeping a smile on her face with a jovial demeanor and showcasing her natural leadership talents. Yaki is married and has two children, works full time, and still has the energy to win championships with her soccer team in her free time. She was recently promoted to our Sous Chef from Assistant Kitchen Manager, and is the newest member of our management team.

Jehu Jimenez is a leader on our service team at Deacon’s and a trainer for our new servers. He’s been with us since we started and we often rely on him to take charge of our Private Dining and Events. Deacon’s General Manager Jenn McCarthy says “Jehu has been an integral part of developing our side work and maintaining our cleanliness standards. He is dependable with a positive attitude and great work ethic.” 

Jami Blainey, general manager at Puckett’s Boat House, shouted out several of her employees. Pablo Hernandez has been with A. Marshall for a long time and also works at Puckett’s Grocery. He gets the job done and is one of the most efficient workers we have!

Martha Milan is our current employee of the month at the Boat House. She’s an all-around great employee who does anything you need of her and is willing to run any station without complaint.

Jami also says Laura Ayala is a hard worker and willing to do whatever is needed, including helping to train new hires.

Noe Martinez,  Puckett's Gro. & Restaurant

Over at Puckett’s, Noe Martinez splits his time between our downtown Franklin and downtown Nashville locations. His former manager once called him “the best employee he’s ever had” and  he was named Restaurant Employee of the Year by both the Greater Nashville Hospitality Association and Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association in 2017. Noe comes in each day with a smile and spends time away from work studying English so that he can continue to grow professionally.

We are fortunate to have each of these men and women in our restaurant family!