Eat healthy at Puckett’s!

Another tasty salad ready to eat at Puckett's!After turning 50 years old this year, Andy and I decided it’s time to take our health a bit more seriously. We have joined Blue Sky MD and gone on a pretty strict eating and exercise program. That sounds pretty normal and even boring for most. You may think it’s a hard challenge to accomplish such a task as owners of Puckett’s. Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s doable and even enjoyable to eat healthy at Puckett’s.

Because we cook from scratch, it’s easy to ask for substitutions in how our food is prepared.   We mix up our salads, steam our vegetables, and change up our chicken, fish and beef to have a variety of great flavors with healthy seasoning options. Our staff in the kitchen does a terrific job, and they take great pride in making all of our food delicious, even if it is the healthy or light fare.

Some of our favorites are egg white omelets with veggies for breakfast; blackened salmon with a little feta cheese; filet not wrapped in bacon; steamed veggies; mashed sweet potatoes; grilled or blackened chicken; and any of our salads modified to our needs.

The results have been great!  We’ve both dropped pounds and gained energy. Of course, there will be a day when we will work our regular fare into our meals again. But, in the meantime, we are living proof that you can eat healthy and often at Puckett’s.

Also, I want to mention how grateful we are to the staff at Blue Sky MD in Franklin. They are tremendous. We really appreciate their approach in retraining our overall health as we move into this next season of our life.