Father’s Day Memories From Our Puckett’s Fam

At Puckett’s, everyone is part of the family, especially our wonderful employees and their loved ones. We
asked our employees to tell us about their favorite memories with dear ol’ dad, and if you weren’t already
convinced that they were raised right, here are a few examples of how time with dad can really make a

AMH Fathers Day Lindsay Curtis

“My favorite memories with my dad come from the soccer field. He had me on the field from the time I was 4 years old eventually through 4 seasons of college soccer. Whether he was my actual coach or he was coaching me from the sidelines, he has traveled across the country to watch me compete, and it has always been what brings us together.”
-Lindsay Curtis, A. Marshall Hospitality Marketing Coordinator



“At Thanksgiving when I was 10 yrs old, we had about 20 people, families & friends, just ready to sit down to dinner when my father received a call asking for his help from someone he barely knew as their power was out and they couldn’t finish their cooking for their family dinner(my father was an electrical engineer) so off he and I went- (I went everywhere with him) leaving our family with the promise we would be back very soon to have our dinner. Mission accomplished, and as we headed back to our house I asked my father if he thought our family was going to be upset at us for postponing our dinner. He replied ‘baby girl, the greatest joy you will ever experience is helping someone else even when it’s not convenient for you.’” -Rebecca Johns, A. Marshall Hospitality Business Administrator

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“My dad and I always did “daddy-daughter” outings. It was special to have that relationship. We rode our bikes to Rita’s after he got home from work. We went out to breakfast and flea markets every Sunday morning, where he would buy me a new Beanie Baby for my collection. He would take myself and one of my friends to Washington DC or Hershey Park or New York City for day trips. When I was in elementary school, he would also come to school and eat lunch with my friends and me on “breakfast for lunch” days. When I graduated high school, he was a well loved board member for the school district, and he had the opportunity to hand me my diploma. Of course, when it came time for him to stand up and do it, he accidentally took my diploma with him as he went back to his seat. It was hilarious, and everyone remembers it! When it came to me going off to college, he always drove the long distance for holiday breaks to pick me up and take me home. We have our issues with our infamous Choma tempers, but otherwise, I’m lucky to have a father who cares so deeply for his family.” -Katie Choma, Puckett’s Columbia

“My father used to bring me flowers every year to school on my birthday and sit and have lunch with me
for that hour. He would bring me the amount of flowers for how many years I was turning and tell all my friends ridiculous stories about me. I loved every minute of it.”
-Lorraine Scarfia, Puckett’s 5th and Church Large Party Coordinator

Simply M Photography-7221

One of my favorite memories with my dad was watching the World Cup in 2002 when I was 14 years old. It was in Japan and South Korea, so the U.S played games in the middle of the night. He and I would get up and watch the games together, and it was really fun when we scored and we would whisper “GOAAAAL!”and silently celebrate. We even got up to watch the games during vacation. It’s the most fun I had to date watching the World Cup!
-Emily Marshall, Executive Assistant to Andy Marshall

“My dad always made it a point to be supportive with whatever I was doing, whether it was sports, music, or otherwise. That’s always been huge for me to know I have that support, and I hope to pass that along once I have kids of my own.”
John Fleet, Puckett’s Chattanooga

If you’re still looking for a place to spend Father’s Day, all of your favorite A. Marshall restaurants will be
open and ready to serve the whole family! Don’t forget to jot down your own special memory with your dad at all Puckett’s locations throughout the weekend for a chance to win a gift basket of Puckett’s swag!