Football is back!

It’s August, and we’re all living the dog days of summer in a big way around here.  As much as I love warm weather, and I do, August makes me day dream about crisp fall days and watching some grid iron action.  You can’t really be a girl from the South, and not love some football.  It’s one of the things that carries us all through the end of summer; seeing football camps going on at school yards, college campuses, and pro football practice fields.

Titan's Training Camp 2011! Football is back!!!

Though I was concerned about the budget crises, and our politicians getting it together, I was really checking out my sports channels to see if the strike would ever end; and thank goodness, it did!  Seriously, what would we all do on a Sunday afternoon without football?

That’s why I was so proud to have Puckett’s cater our local sports radio stations as they broadcasted the first day of Titans training camp here in Nashville today.  We had a great time, and look forward to being there more this week as we all watch the promise of a new season and relish is one of our favorite pass times.  After all, it was one of Nashville’s native sons-Hank Jr. that says “Are You Ready for Some Football!”

Andy at Titan's Training Camp