Get To Know The Family: Pam Pelham

This week we’re featuring a face that many of y’all know and love- Pam Pelham! Pam was one of our very first servers to join the Puckett’s family several years ago in Franklin. She has that special knack to make our guests feel like they are the only guest in the restaurant. Pam has regular customers who have been loyal to her for years. Her feisty attitude and charming smile make your day start right at Puckett’s! She loves her hubby, Greg, and her three handsome sons, Hunter, Lane, and Dillon.

Pam shows off a daily special in Franklin
We asked Pam some “Get To Know You Questions” and this is what she had to say:

What’s your favorite thing about working in Nashville/Franklin?
Great atmosphere/fun! Love the people

What brought you to the area?

What is your favorite type of music- do you have a favorite local band/artist?
Country / Duh! Michael McDonald

If you had friends or family coming in from out-of-town, what local attraction would you make sure to take them to?
Dinner at Puckett’s, Show at the theatre, then Sweet CeCe’s

Meet any celebrities while working at Puckett’s, if not who would you love to see walk thru the doors today?
Have met and made wonderful friends with some celebrities, but I would love to meet Jim Parsons… The Big Bang Theory (Sheldan Cooper)

If you weren’t working for Puckett’s, what might you want to be doing for a living?
No clue… haven’t though about it.

If you could have supper with anyone, who would it be and why?
Betty White, I am sure she has some awesome stories to tell

What’s your favorite thing on the menu?
Bologna w/eggs for breakfast or as a sandwich for lunch

What word describes you best?