Giving Thanks

I admit that Thanksgiving Day is one of my absolute favorite days of the year.  When else do we get a chance to pause and give thanks to God for family, friends and loved ones?  Historically, it is a time of remembrance and appreciation for a bountiful harvest.  Our nation’s ancestors added to that tradition of Thanksgiving for safe passage throughout what I’m sure was a treacherous voyage across the ocean.  I am proud this is a holiday that our nation still cherishes every year.

Thanksgiving at the Family Table

Thanksgiving at the Family Table

It’s also rewarding for us at Puckett’s to share our table with our customers’ families as we open just long enough to have a Thanksgiving buffet.  We’ll have turkey and all the trimmings, made from scratch and ready to enjoy.  If our customers would rather eat at home, we can fix that up to order as well.  There is still time to make a call for that if our customers through Monday for sure, and may be possible into Tuesday.  Just call our stores for information. (Franklin’s number is (615)794-5527 and Nashville’s number is (615)770-2772).

We’re all busy these days, so if our guests need a little helping hand to make their Thanksgiving Day meal special without having to cook it all themselves, then it’s a very smart move.  I’m all for anything that can make Thanksgiving calm, pleasant and special for our customers.

After all, as a small family business, we at Puckett’s truly give thanks for our customers every day and especially on Thanksgiving Day.