Happy Birthday to Us All!

Happy Birthday to us all!  The Fourth of July is the biggest holiday we should all be celebrating together.    Because of Independence Day, we can worship who we choose, live a life of our choosing our own pursuit of happiness, and speak our minds—all without fear of being abused or martyred.

I’ve often wondered if our forefathers realized the magnitude of what they created as they fought for independence from Great Britain.  Many of them lost all they had, some died of illness, and I’m sure all of them were shunned by many in society of that day.  Yet, they had to believe they were moved to do something bigger than who they were.  Their sacrifices are the reason we celebrate so freely over 200 years later.

We also can celebrate because of the great sacrifices of our troops today.  Yes, our generation has learned that freedom is a sacrifice, but a worthy one indeed.  Today, as I celebrate with friends, family, and community, I am going to be remembering with prayers and thoughts our fellow humanity across the world who would only hope to have the freedoms we possess.  I will be praying for those in the Middle East and Asia who are fighting for their ideals of freedom.  I will certainly be praying for our beautiful troops and their courageous loved ones who are helping to defend freedom here, and support the cause of freedom everywhere.

Whether you are conservative, liberal or somewhere in between; let’s all be thankful to our God, our forefathers and our troops.

God Bless the USA!

Happy Birthday to Us All!