Road trip and research

Sometimes you’ve just got to get out of town and see how food is served in other areas. There is nothing like a road trip to get a different view, and for BBQ where is a better place than Memphis!

We rolled into Top’s BBQ in Memphis with some friends –nothing fancy-just great Memphis style BBQ

On down south we traveled to Mississippi….Greenwood Mississippi to be exact, home of The Viking Corporation and where the movie “The Help” was filmed.  BB King and some great blues also hales from this part of the Delta.

Greenwood is also home of world famous Luscos Southern restaurant. There is tons of history there both in the plantation and prohibition era. In today’s time, the likes of George and Laura Bush and Emeril have gone there for their own research. The food is Southern and yummy!

We drove on down to Oxford, Mississippi and enjoyed a great SEC football game. While there, we got to see firsthand the number on tailgate party in the USA-at the famous “Grove.” I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I’m a University of Tennessee girl. It was impressive to say the least.

That evening, we trekked on down a bit to Taylor and ate catfish at “Taylor’s Grocery.” It was farm raised Mississippi catfish at its best. ..home-style. I loved sitting on the porch with a crowd of people and waiting for our name to be “hollered out.”

We ended our trip back in Greenwood at the Crystal Café. This little local place had some good scratch Southern cooking and amazing rolls and desserts.

It was great fun and a pleasure to see good Southern cuisine and culture just down the road a couple of hundred miles from Tennessee. I can’t wait for the next culinary adventure. I love this kind of road trip!