img_0241We here at A. Marshall Family Foods know that one of the most important things in life is family. Heck, the word is even in our company name! So we were thrilled to have all our employees take the afternoon off recently and bring their loved ones to Homestead Manor for our Family Fun Day!

Each of our restaurants pitched in and provided tasty foods — we’re talkin’ hamburgers, hot dogs, mac & cheese, pulled pork (we’re Puckett’s, after all!) — and we’re pretty positive not a single person left hungry. Of course, it’s not a summer party without homemade ice cream, and it sure was a treat to have ice cream from Hattie Jane’s Creamery to top off all the delicious food.

Did we mention the activities? Several brave souls volunteered to get in the dunking booth (we suspect the ice cold water felt pretty good after spending some time outside), but our CEO Andy Marshall’s participation was probably the most popular spectacle of the day. We don’t have photographic evidence, but trust us, it was just as entertaining to watch as it sounds!

Now, we always like to spark a little friendly competition between our restaurants, so we put a bartender from each location’s skills to the test and let the crowd vote on who made the best cocktail. Bragging rights were given to Ryan Donahue from Homestead Manor, whose “Farmer Joe’s Apple Sippy” won first prize.

We are so fortunate to work with an amazing team of talented, compassionate and intelligent people and were so glad to spend a late summer afternoon with them and their families! You can check out more pics from the day on Homestead Manor’s Facebook.