Kathie Lee & Hoda approve! Co-hosts enjoy Hattie Jane’s Unicorn Hot Chocolate on NBC’s “Today Show”

It’s been a magical week for our sister store, Hattie Jane’s Creamery! On Jan. 31, the ice cream and coffee shop’s pastry chef Lokelani Alabanza flew all the way to New York City, as Hattie Jane’s Unicorn Hot Chocolate made a national debut on NBC’S “Today Show” with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

HJC on Today_2018
“Everyone’s talking about these!” Hoda said when the co-hosts received their drinks. “Oh, that looks so good.”

Chef Lokelani prepared the drinks in the Today kitchen prior to the show’s popular “fourth hour,” hosted by the two ladies.The drink consists of a “magical” white chocolate mix topped with rainbow marshmallows, swirly vanilla whipped cream, colorful sprinkles and an upside-down waffle cone (to serve as the unicorn’s horn).

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Hattie Jane's Unicorn Hot Chocolate-23

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Kathie Lee noted that the Unicorn Hot Chocolate came from Hattie Jane’s Creamery in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, adding that she and Hoda “love it there.” We let them know they have an open invitation whenever they’d like to come back!

After sharing more about the drink’s ingredients, Kathie Lee asked Hoda how it tasted.

“Delish,” Hoda said as she dipped the waffle cone into her hot chocolate, adding, “It’s got flecks of gold!”

The two continued to marvel over the drink’s taste, as well as its edible gold toppings. 

“Thank you very, very much,” Kathie Lee said. “That’s so sweet.”

A. Marshall COO Claire Crowell traveled alongside Lokelani to the “Today Show” studio, and she said it was a wonderful experience.

“We have had so much fun with our unicorn hot chocolate and are thrilled to share it with a national audience,” Claire said. “Lokelani and the Hattie Jane’s team are constantly working to produce innovative culinary creations, and the A. Marshall Hospitality family is incredibly proud of them.”

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TODAY.com posted the recipe for the Unicorn Hot Chocolate, which is available at both Hattie Jane’s Creamery locations throughout the winter season for $5 each. If you need an extra boost, try a “dirty unicorn” with a shot of espresso on the side!

For more information, visit hattiejanescreamery.com or follow Hattie Jane’s on Instagram and Facebook @hattiejanescreamery, or on Twitter @hattiejanes.