“Mercy Mondays” at the Boat House

If you’ve ever been to the Boat House, then you know it’s pretty hard to miss the thousands of dollar bills pinned to the ceiling. Restaurant guests come from all over to share a meal with us, and to add their personal stamp to our decor by writing across ‘ole George Washington’s face! We love looking at them, and imagining the stories behind each.

But this year, we’re trying something a little different….

At the end of 2015, every dollar that’s pinned to our ceiling will be donated to Mercy Community Healthcare, a local organization whose mission is to reflect the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by providing excellent healthcare to all and support to their families. Every dollar donated will be stamped, and at year’s end… we’ll start counting!

Plus, we’ll be matching each and every dollar (up to $2,500 that is) pinned to the ceiling on “Mercy Monday”––which we’ve dubbed the third Monday of every month! And to sweeten the deal? Those who donate $3 on Mercy Monday will receive dessert for just $1.

“A dolla’ makes us holla!” has a whole new meaning now, y’all. Help us give back to the folks in our community!

To learn more about Mercy and its ministry, go to www.mercycommunityhealthcare.org. To learn more about Puckett’s Boat House, go to www.puckettsboathouse.com.

Mercy Dollars