Puckett’s Caters Fun Events!

When Puckett’s caters around our area, you never know who you’ll get to see.  It’s amazing and an honor that we get to serve. Whether it’s governors, or celebrities, it’s always fun.  Yet, just as wonderful, we get to serve princesses and their fathers at a ball.

In the past week, we got to cater a fundraiser hosted by Mike Wolfe of the “American Pickers.”    The party was held to support Nashville’s historic Belcourt Theater.  Being a fellow lover of all things history, Mike opened up his new shop in Nashville which houses some of his items he picked.  Fellow Leiper’s Fork citizen Alex Ciremelli decorated the shop. (She owns Serinite Maison, designs for influential people all over town and is married to famous musician Gary.  They are the kindest neighbors you’ll ever know.  I’ll share more on them in another blog soon).  As fans of the show, it was fun to see the items he picked on display.  Mike is truly one of the nicest celebrities we’ve met.  It was kind for him to host such a great cause for a historic icon in Nashville.

Puckett's at the nD event

On a different note, Andy had a thrill when he got to meet football hall of famer, Phil Simms.  Andy and I were helping our daughter finish up this catering event at Chris Simms house.  We love the Simms family as they are regulars at Puckett’s.  We also got to work with some of the famous “Memphis Boys” as they were getting ready to play at the Franklin Theatre.  The Memphis Boys are well known in the music world for working with Elvis Presley in the early seventies.  They are legendary.

But, that’s not all.  In Franklin, Puckett’s got to cater with The Princess Ball hosted by Franklin Tomorrow.  Fathers in town get to dress up with their daughters and attend a father/daughter ball.  It was truly a highlight of our week at Puckett’s.  There is nothing sweeter to watch, or a more precious group to serve.  It’s been a great week at Puckett’s for sure!

Puckett's at The Princess Ball