Puckett’s Trolley Serves at Gateway Village March 22

Calling all “Boro-ians!” Ms. Trolley Parton is making a pitstop at the Gateway Village in Murfreesboro today! She’ll be servin’ up her trademark Southern fare Friday, March 22 at 820 North Thompson Lane, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The food truck eatery offers made-to-order bites from a renovated and historic mobile venue.

In addition to our cherry wood-smoked pork and chicken, Ms. Trolley Parton also offers BBQ and grilled chicken nachos, catfish tacos, a brisket chimichanga, fried green beans and more.

Our Trolley Manager Christen Boyd says that the Trolley’s food all comes with the Puckett’s special stamp, though some of its dishes are signature items!

“What’s unique about the trolley is that we’re able to take our menu directly to the people who may not have the opportunity to dine at Puckett’s that day because of distance. The Trolley offers the same quality food that its restaurants do, and it’s a fun way to engage in different communities.”

The food truck will also serve a Redneck Burrito on March 22, an item created specifically for the trolley that received such popularity that it made its way onto the Puckett’s menu.  The dish includes pulled pork, baked beans and Puckett’s famous BBQ sauce ‘n’ slaw, all wrapped in a burrito and grilled.

For the event, Gateway Village is encouraging local musicians to provide a little entertainment to diners during Trolley Parton’s visit. Anyone interested in performing an open-mic session may sign up at the day of the event.