How To Create QR Code Menus

QR Codes are a great tool for anyone to use who wants to make it easy for customers to do a task with their smart phone. Instead of asking them to type in potentially long urls, they can simply scan the code with their smart phone’s camera and it will automatically take them to a web page. They also can do other tasks such as send a text message, create an email or even call a number.

There’s plenty of sites you can obtain a QR code from. Many are free, but will charge for expanded services. We have found that has great customization options for free, including allowing you to add your business logo, change colors and styles. They also have paid options that you might like to explore with even more customization.

In this tutorial we’ll be making a simple QR code that will direct our customers to a web page with our menu on it.

You’ll need the web page url that your menu is located at and your logo (if you’d like to use one). Also, make sure you’re doing this on a computer, not your phone or tablet.

We we will be using Deacon’s New South as our example. Deacon’s menu is located at

We’ll paste our menu url into the Your URL line.

You’re then able to choose colors if you’d like. We have stuck with black. Black ink looks sharp and crisp, making it easy for the cameras to scan. Bonus, black ink is the least expensive to print.

If you’d like to add your logo you can do that in the next step. Just click the upload image button and you’ll be able to upload your logo there.

You can then customize your design to your liking. Once you have it how you like it, click the green Create QR Code button. The site will create your code, and then you may download it.

A note on downloading: PNG files can be used by almost everyone, whether you use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create a poster or table tent; however, an EPS is a great option if you work with a graphic artist or have access to design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign. How you’ll be using this and who will be using this will help you determine what file type you should download.

We have created a Microsoft Word template you can use for a table tent, which you can download by clicking here. In the template we are using the PNG file option for the QR code.

Click the image above to download this Microsoft Word template

Replace our sample QR code with yours that you download from QR Code Monkey. Right click the QR code images in the Word document and select Change Picture. Find your downloaded QR code and select that file.

Feel free to change fonts to match your branding and adjust the language as needed.

When you print, we suggest using a card stock. 65 lb card stock is readily available and typically works well in most printers. Once printed, just fold down the center, creating a 5.5 x 8.5 table tent.

Everyone at A. Marshall Hospitality wishes our fellow restaurants the very best!