Summer Vacation

I just love family vacation time. With all the kids in our family grown and basically out of the house, it has an even more special meaning to me.  I sleep better (and more often!)-knowing all of us are together hanging out and relaxing.  As most of us these days, we are all on the go constantly with deadlines and commitments.  Vacations are a time to relax, regroup, and get to know ourselves a bit better.

Over the years, my family has grown up spending time at Watercolor or Seaside in Florida. Both resorts are some of the best the South has to offer, full of charm and comfortable, easy going style.  We also love that the entire area is loaded with independent businesses, something we can relate to so well.  These entrepreneurs get their livelihood and joy serving the local community and tourists alike  They are talented, and have been an inspiration to us over the years as we’ve built our own family business.

Modica Market in Seaside has been a great influence on us.  If you don’t know this market, it is worth your trip.  This family business in its second generation, houses delicious, freshly made foods to take and enjoy, along with gourmet cheeses, sauces, and any of the best foods you could take home and cook. All of this is in a compact little market with shelves lining the walls instead of rows. When we grew Puckett’s to Franklin, we took this theme with us and we continued it into the Nashville store.

Modica Shelves
We also got the idea for our diner mugs from Modica Market.  We love the feel and size of them for the perfect cup of coffee.

Inside Modica Market
Most of all, it’s the authenticity of the market and the area in general that draws us back.  We try to seek out independent businesses wherever we go, whether at home or while traveling.  It is still one of the best ways to give back to the community at large. I highly recommend that for you as you travel around this summer.  Also, if there is a favorite place you like to go to while on vacation, I’d love to hear that too!  Thanks, and happy traveling 🙂

Modica Market