Summertime Festivals in our hometown

The Franklin Theatre

Summer is a time of festivals all over this country, and the South in particular.  We love to celebrate life around here, and there is nothing like a festival to do it.  Last week in Franklin, we re-opened our beloved historic Franklin Theatre.  It is spectacular, indeed, and worth a trip just to see how versatile and spectacular it is.  To celebrate, we had a festival of big proportions.  Since the theater first opened in the 1930’s, we had big screens set up on the street playing the classics of “King Kong,” and “The Wizard of Oz.”  There was a swing band dance, and a “speak easy” going on at the same time.  Of course, there was festival food.  At the end of the night, the historic theatre played “Gone with the Wind.”  It was a party indeed!

CMA Logo

In Nashville, we are gearing up for the biggest festival our city hosts:  the one and only CMA fest.  We are expecting thousands to converge on our fair city and enjoy a large celebration of all that is country music.  There is nothing like the loyalty of the country music fan and the appreciation of the artist.  Where else in this nation do you have five days of concerts of mega proportions plus the chance to meet and greet with your favorite artist while walking through a whole convention center of booths celebrating the relationship between fans, the artists and their music.  It’s our first CMA fest at Puckett’s in Nashville.  We are geared up and excited to serve our guests as they enjoy our hometown and it’s biggest party.