The Big Game… To-Go!

Hosting friends for *The Big Game* on Sunday, February 7? Charged with bringing food to a viewing party? Or just want an awesome spread for the family?

Puckett’s has got you all squared away…. Plan to celebrate with our $25 platter specials!

We’ve put together a special menu for the biggest football game of the year, and it’s as easy as ordering through the phone (or coming in-store):

$25 Platter specials! Your choice, for $25, from any Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurant location:

1. 25 Smoked Wings (or, get 50 wings for $48, or 100 wings for $89)
2. Smoked Platter with Cheese
3. 15 Slider Platter

OR your choice, for $25, from Puckett’s Boat House:

1. 25 Wings (or, get 50 wings for $48, or 100 wings for $89)
2. 15 Spring Rolls
3. 15 Hot Chicken Sliders

Plus, we’ve got other options, too! Think a dippin’ platter with spinach & artichoke + pico de gallo with freshly fried tortilla chips; smoked baby back ribs; cobbler; shrimp + crab dip; key lime pie; and more!

See our menus below….

Then call (or go in-store) to place yours today:
>> Franklin (615) 794-5527
>> Nashville (615) 770-2772
>> Columbia (931) 490-4550
>> Chattanooga (423) 708-8505
>> Puckett’s Boat House (615) 790-2309
Puckett's Big Game To Go Menu