Update on our garden- a new favorite hobby!

Hobbies are a way to refresh your spirits.  Summer is a great time to look get back into what you like to do with your free time, or expand on it.

Around here, one of our favorite hobbies has been our new garden.  We planted it back in the early spring and posted some pictures.  Below is a picture of our garden this morning.

Andy gets zuchinni out of our garden

As most of you know, it’s a daily task to keep up with the weeding and critter control.  Deer and Japanese beetles are our biggest pests.  We’ve heard all sorts of odd advice on keeping deer at bay; everything from human hair, to Irish Spring soap and more.  We’ve tried them all.  Last week, we broke down and sprayed deer repellent, afraid it would stink us right out of our yard.  It didn’t, and it worked for a while.  With the rain, however, we’ve got to spray again.  Unfortunately, they really enjoyed the sunflowers before we had success in repelling them.

The work is paying off, though.  We have already had buckets and buckets of zucchini.   The yellow squash is coming on strong, and we even already had one tomato!  It was very exciting.  I love our herbs.  They like rocky soil, so it’s a bumper crop there for sure.

Andy gets yellow squash out of our garden

It is relaxing to be outside and enjoy watching something new grow.  Now, I must go on to my next favorite hobby, reading cookbooks.  I need a bunch of zucchini recipes!