Our team at A. Marshall Hospitality has a “go green or go home” mentality 💚🌎. As our community and nation are becoming more focused on our planet, we are too! We’re all about keeping our planet healthy and safe. We’ve taken strides to further our “green” efforts throughout our locations, and we want to share what we are working on internally with you! Did you know…

  • We recycle cardboard at multiple of our locations where available, and we also compost.
  • We use 100% compostable to-go cups.
  • Our to-go containers at all Puckett’s locations, as well as most of our other locations, are recyclable.
  • Our main office recycles paper.
  • We give straws to customers by request only, and we are piloting several alternatives as well as looking for new to-go cups that don’t require straws.
  • We give lemons to customers by request only.
  • We are examining our beverage napkin use as well as other single-use items.
  • At Hattie Jane’s Creamery, we are soon moving to paper straws!
  • We use compostable spoons at Hattie Jane’s Creamery, as well as compostable boats for our ice cream flights.
  • Our to-go bags at all Puckett’s locations and Puckett’s Boat House are recyclable, and we will soon be switching to bags that are made from recycled products!


In addition, with Puckett’s Boat House being located right beside the Harpeth river, we’ve created a partnership with the Harpeth Conservancy to help conserve the Harpeth River. Next time you’re at Puckett’s Boat House, ask about buying one of their “Don’t Be Crappie” pins for just a dollar – all proceeds go right back to the conservancy!