Diners at our family of restaurants across Middle Tennessee may notice a more savory scent drifting throughout our eateries this month, after the introduction of a new line of spices and rubs. The line will be sold both online and in four of our establishments in Davidson, Maury and Williamson counties.

Released just in time for Father’s Day, coming up June 15, the new launch offers a rib rub, a burger shake, a pork bbq rub and an all-purpose seasoning. Sold for $7.99 each, these spices and rubs are designed to deliver the flavors of our most popular dishes straight to kitchens across the country—even if they don’t fall below the Mason-Dixon line.

Puckett’s Proprietor Andy Marshall and Puckett’s Brand Chef Keith West have been perfecting the Southern-bent seasonings for several months, and are proud of the resulting line. Expect a little bit of heat, with a good balance of smoke and flavor to complement pulled pork, ribs, chicken, burgers and more.

“This launch is the culmination of much research and a two-year labor of love,” West said. “We traveled the country researching and taste-tasting, ensuring that we could offer the same taste that Puckett’s delivers in the restaurant. We wanted to create unique combinations that still held that Puckett’s mark our customers know and love.”

In addition to the specially blended spices, we also extended the grocery portion of our business, due to popular demand, including the Brisket Marinade—previously sold only at the Nashville location—as well as the Puckett’s Boat House Pepper Sauce now offered online and at Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurant locations in Columbia, Franklin and Nashville, Tenn., along with the Boat House in downtown Franklin, Tenn.

“For years our friends have been asking us to tell our secrets to the BBQ, our burgers, our fried chicken,” says West. “We’ve always been willing to share recipes and tips, but now people can have access to their favorite Southern flavors ready-to-go, no matter where they live.”

Also available online and in stores are the Puckett’s original and spicy BBQ sauces, as well as small batch-roasted coffee. To see a full list of edibles, or to purchase products, visit our online store at store.puckettsgro.com.

Don’t miss out y’all, we wanna spice up your life—and your food!