Words from Jan :: From the Inside Looking Inside

Every once in a while, we have the pleasure of hearing a few words of wisdom from the woman who has been around since the beginning of our story: Jan Marshall. What with opening four new concepts within the last year and welcoming three new grand babies, she’s been just a little busy (if you can imagine that!) We are so glad to welcome her back to the blog today as she shares a little peek into what life is like “on the inside” of A. Marshall Family Foods.


As A. Marshall Family Foods continues to grow, matriarch Jan Marshall is at the center, keeping herself and everyone around her calm.

I’ve had a few nicknames in my life that have stuck with me through the years… I am the baby girl of two older brothers, who dubbed me as Priss, and still call me that to this day.

Then came Turtle. You see, I worked for years alongside a business associate in our children’s school, who was always in a hurry. I do not like to rush. I never have.

Our peers lovingly called her the rabbit and me the turtle (I liked to remind her who won the race in Aesop’s fable!)

My mother will tell you that I was born three weeks early, and that’s the last time I was early in my life. She is right, about that. I do like looking at life with a long glance.

One of my favorite nicknames, however, is Maw Puckett. That one, is an honor I wear with a bit of motherly pride.  Some of our associates in our early days of Puckett’s began calling me Maw Puckett. I’d like to think it was because they saw me as a comfy spot for them in this crazy business. Whatever it was, it stuck, and is still how our staff officially introduces me.

The restaurant world is a lovely, lively place, full of all kinds of people working together and dining together.  I love it.  At any of our restaurants, I truly love seeing someone who may struggle in life, yet build confidence being a part of our team. I also love sitting back and watching our guests sharing food and their time with their family and friends. When we started our new life in Leiper’s Fork, Tenn. with Puckett’s Grocery in 1998 with 3 employees and our little family, I had no idea what was in store. Yet, I had faith it was going to be fine.

It’s amazing to see how God works.  Who in the world but God would know how this ride came to be. I gotta laugh when I’m reminded of what Andy said to me after we married:

“Honey, hold on! Our life is gonna be a roller coaster ride!  We’re gonna have our ups and downs, but it will be a blast, and we are gonna stick through it all.”  

Well, I’m still hanging on!

It’s been and still is an amazing ride. I am very much a part of our restaurants, yet more in the supportive role. That allows me the opportunity to see with a wider view of how our family business operates.

My hope is that you will enjoy reading some of the long glances I’ve seen through the years and to this day. You’ll just need to slow down a bit, and enjoy the view!