Your New MVP: Monday Night Football Coming To Downtown Columbia!

Calling all football fanatics in Columbia! Just call us your new MVP…. Starting October 5, we’re taking your Monday Night Football game plan up a notch with two-for-one drafts, half-priced appetizers and our newly extended Monday hours (now open until 9)!

Whether you’re cheering on the Titans, rootin’ for all-stars on your Fantasy Football roster or just enjoying the game, grab some friends and snack on some cherry wood-smoked hot wings. This is your chance to get up close and personal with Peyton, run a hail mary with “Megatron” and experience MNF like never before. So call an audible on your usual routine and join us in downtown Columbia—we’ll have a cold brew waitin’ on ya!

For reservations, call (931) 490-4550.